Podenzano (PC) / Piverone (TO), November 01 2016

Mylius Yachts, Italian shipyard leader in the production of fast-cruising sailing yachts, and QI Composites, the world leader in non-destructive analysis of composite materials, announced the renewal of their cooperation agreement, confirming the attention to quality by the Italian shipyard, which offers a five-year warranty on the structure of their boats.

Like every Mylius yacht already launched, even those of the coming years will be inspected and certified by QI Composites specialists, following the procedures used for the most important racing boats in the world (from the America’s Cup to the Volvo Ocean Race) but for only a small niche of cruising boats. It is also thanks to the work by QI Composites that Mylius can offer a five-year warranty on the structure of their boats, well over the two years of legal warranty.

QI Composites activities are carried out both during the construction phase and during the after-sales service.

In the construction phase, the activity is related to the quality control in the notoriously most critical areas of all the composite boats, looking for possible delaminations or porosities, failures in the bonding of the structures, lack of uniformity or compactness of stratification, particularly in areas of great depth and/or subject to strong workloads (e.g. keel area, chainplates, intersections between the longitudinal and transverse structures, deck working areas, etc.).

In the post-sale verification and/or at the time of subsequent sales, it is verified the possible presence of defects that may arise through the use of the boat, either for fatigue or by accidents: therefore the controls are focused on keel area, rudder and topsides.

«From the first Mylius built, we decided to give full attention to the quality of our boats, trying to identify and eliminate any problems when it is easier and it costs less, e.g. in the first construction phase» said Alberto Simeone, Mylius Designer and Technical Director. «Since it is clear that a quality control objective can only be carried out by a third party, we turned to QI Composites, a world leader for this kind of activity. All the data stored in the construction phase are also useful in case of after sale support or resale of the boats, as every Mylius yacht has its own “medical records” from its birth».

«QI Composites has worked in the quality check of Mylius Yachts hulls and decks laminate since the first boat» said Stefano Beltrando, QI Composites CEO. «Since 2004 the inspection process has gradually become more stringent, both because in recent years the expectations of shipowners and insurance companies have become higher, and because more cases of similar boats inspections have led the control to a stronger focus in some areas».

About Mylius: Since its founding in 2003, Mylius builds fast cruiser-racers, able to combine comfort, performance, quality, and style. The boats are built entirely in carbon sandwich, PVC foam core and epoxy resin, semi-custom mode, with the best care and attention to customers. Since 2011 Mylius Srl is 51% owned by Twinpack Group, leaders in packaging industry, and is based in Podenzano (PC). For more information:

About QI Composites: QI Composites Srl, a Piemonte-based company set on Lake Viverone, was born with Stefano Beltrando in 1999 as a spin-off of the Physics National Institute of Matter in order to extend and deepen the non-destructive tests on marine structures. To date, QI can count on a team of 10 people following any type of projects in every corner of the world: from the America’s Cup and the Volvo Ocean Race up to Formula 1, going through countless composite applications. QI is the first company in the world certified by Germanischer Lloyd for the non-destructive testing of composite boats. For more information:


Mario Sassi
Mylius Yachts Marketing Manager
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Stefano Beltrando
Amministratore unico / R&D manager QI Composites
Tel. +39 0125 643287


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