Nautical field

Nautical field


Analysis carried out by Q.I. Composites make use of the best available technology in the field of portable instruments for ultrasound analysis. In order to verify the quality of building and the materials quality, QI staff members deal daily with:

  • HULLS made of composite materials, aluminium or steel.
  • MASTS, SPARS made of composite materials or aluminium.
  • RIGGING of sailing boats.

What are the BENEFITS of non-destructive testing?

  • In the building yard, quality control of the product helps identifying possible accidental or systematic anomalies, with the aim of optimizing production process and certifying production.
  • Owners: partial or total structural control of your boat to ensure its safety and to identify possible defects due to use or construction.
  • Accidental events: accurate analysis are necessary after a range of accidents including (1) collision against a dock or other vessels, (2) running aground or (3) broken rigging during navigation. This approach allows to detect anomalies that may have been responsible for the accident. It is also a crucial step to help restoring the original structural properties.
  • Repairs/renovations: verify the quality of the repair, the coherence with the construction plans, and the adherence of the repair to the original laminate.

By performing these analysis regularly we offer our customers unrivalled assistance, making both hull and navigation as safe as possible and protecting the value of their boat. There are further advantages in collecting an objective data base on the life of a specific structure. For example, precise information on damage type, size and cause are crucial when purchasing or selling the boat, or in the event of a dispute with an insurance company.

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