Vetorix Engineering – QI Composites: together for the future of NDI

Vetorix Engineering – QI Composites: together for the future of NDI

On 26th October 2018 the partnership between Vetorix Engineering s.r.l. and QI Composites s.r.l. has been finalized through the acquisition of 100% of Q.I. Composites s.r.l. shares by the holding owned by the Limena family (already owner of Vetorix Engineering s.r.l.), creating a “unique” reference pole for Non-Destructive Testing and structural diagnostics on composite structures.

QI Composites twenty-year experience in the nautical field elevates and completes Vetorix Engineering multidisciplinary competences in the other reference fields (Automotive – Racing – Aeronautics – General Industry) for the market of structural composite materials. What takes shape is a player that already stands out for competence, experience, transversal presence in various sectors, and a worldwide geographical coverage.

Both companies have been providing top-level NDI service since more than twenty years, dictating a very high quality and professionalism standard, proactively cooperating with the most important companies manufacturing and using composite material structures in the respective fields. This parallel development and reinforcement process has finally converged into a unique great Project that will assure to the market an unprecedented supply and a top-class mix of know-how and technological innovation.

The announcement is made by S. Beltrando – QI Composites CEO – and L. Limena – Vetorix Engineering Administrator.

Stefano Beltrando – QI Composites s.r.l. CEO:

“QI Composites was started in 1999, when the nautical world used to live more on passion than on science. Introducing a new approach to the evaluation of materials and building methods hasn’t always been easy, but – thanks to a fast-growing market and to forward-looking clients and collaborators – we have been among the promoters of a turning point, the results of which we can see nowadays. The average building quality is at present much higher than twenty years ago – although materials are nearly the same – and who benefited by this improvement is builders but especially final users.

During these twenty years we have been working at the worldwide highest levels in every field we have focused on, from nautical to automotive and aeolian field. All of this has been possible thanks to our curiosity and desire of pushing on and on, investing in instruments, training, and especially in collaborators who share the same ambitions.

Future and its needs are clear but not easy to face. In order to be able to always satisfy every request, it’s nowadays necessary to move a further step forward: combine the know-how of more fields without replaying what somebody else has already solved, so to never be one step behind and to be sure of always providing the most correct answers and solutions abreast with the times. After walking alone for twenty years, the only way to keep leading the way at worldwide level for the coming years is fusing our know-how together with the one of Vetorix Engineering s.r.l., leader in its field and complementary to our concept.”

Luca Limena – Vetorix Engineering s.r.l. Administrator:

“A great value-added step forward, first beneficiaries of which will be our present and future customers. A more and more complete and innovative supply will determine a further growth for both companies. Regarding VTX, the growth expectations as per BP 2016-2019 have been literally flashed past, and in the last 2 financial years, sales have grown respectively by 24.4% (2016) and 61.3% (2017); for 2018 a further 15% increase is expected. Remarkable, furthermore, an amount of investments exceeding 1 mln euros in the last 15 months – investments set aside for the creation of the new  100m2 bunker for Computerized Axial Tomography (CT); a radical renovation of our headquarters in Marcon (with the creation of a new Lab); the design and execution of two completely innovative CT systems (that will be soon launched on the market and that bring to three the total number of CTs available for scanning services); and finally this strategic operation of growth by external lines through a great company such as QI Composites.

I’d like to thank first all my collaborators, whose determination, professionalism, and spirit of sacrifice guarantee every day the quality of our service. Thanks to our clients and all our partners, that are the indispensable motivation for setting every day a new goal for an incessant improvement. Thanks of course to Stefano for handling the whole operation with frankness and professionalism, and for the dedication and determination he is already showing in this new challenge in his confirmed position of Administrator of QI Composites: I’m sure he will be a model for everybody.

Finally, thanks to Studio Legale Avv.ti Brugnolo e Panin, Studio Tosetto Weigmann e Associati, and Dr. Rizzardo for their precious technical/legal support all along the operation completion procedure.”

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