QI & Helly Hansen

QI & Helly Hansen

25th September 2017, Lisbon, Volvo Ocean Race boatyard base

Each of QI Composites operator flies all around the world at least twice per year, checking several kinds of composite structures – Formula 1 cars, street supercars, boats of any kind and size, pipes and tanks – in always different environments, sometimes really hostile. We sailed all the way to North Cape to check the Volvo boats, travelled through the Arabic desert, the Argentinian pampas, close to the Arctic Circle, and through the Eastern metropolis.

In all this travelling, one of the main problems is the weight of the hand baggage. In those 10 kg we have to fit our working equipment, clothes and personal items. It’s thus necessary to choose polyvalent clothing, so to reduce the number of clothes but with the certainty of always being dry and comfortable in any climate. Since years, Helly Hansen catalogue easily meets this requirement. From suitcases to trousers that don’t need to be ironed, from wind jackets to drysuits, we are confident of always having the most suitable product.

Stefano Beltrando
QI Composites srl CEO

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