Microscopy SEM

Microscopy Sem

Through close collaboration with specialized university laboratories, we perform microscopy tests type SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy). This technology allows to capture images with a high degree of resolution at high zoom level through the emission of an electron beam incident on the material, which acts as a reflecting body. With the use of microscopy SEM it is possible to display in detail micron-sized objects (1 µm = 10-6m).
The instruments used for microscopy SEM are coupled with computers which adopt another type of methodology for the analysis, said EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectrometry).

This method allows to quantify the presence of chemical elements on the surface focused in a well defined area through the analysis of the electron emission spectra coming from the material.
Applications of these techniques in the field of composite materials could be: searches for visualization of micro-fractures in order to explain certain macroscopic phenomena; search for any dopant particles within the matrix, etc..

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